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dude i'm right there with you my 6th kyu test is a week on sunday at a seminar IN FRONT OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!! n stuff, still gotta laugh eh?

*cower, cringe, whine*

hmmm if i could just remember past 2 on my 31 jo kata!!!


i need another holiday, i've got all the other stuff down tho

ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo

Iriminage, tenchinage, shihonage, kotageishi.

theres also one we've got to do which is

uchi soto kaiten nage, is it an overhead cut to reverse rotary throw? or sommat, looks impresive anyhoo. plus the 7 bokuto suburi, 31 jo kata, shikko, breakfalls, ukemi, atemi and just about all the other stuff i cant remember and do all the moves aihanmi and guyakyuhanmi etc...

but dont feel overwhelmed, just think about all the stuff you have to do on your 1st kyu test!!!

yoroshiku, pete

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