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ushiro shikko?

I've been practicing aikido for almost 3 years now but I was practicing it in my first dojo for 2 years and about six months in my second dojo (present). one of the things I realized is that the instructors of the 2 dojos teach different procedures of doing ushiro shikko.

the first dojo teaches to drag the left knee back so it's side by side with the right knee (assume I start with the left knee points forward, sitting in kisa), drag it backwards, then spread the left knee again to make L shape with the right leg and so on.

but the second dojo teaches to drag the right ankle back (still assume I start with the left knee points forward) so that my right foot is facing to the back while lifting my left knee (front leg) and bottom off the ground, then drag the left leg backwards to make an L shape with the right leg while lowering my bottom to touch my ankles again.

which procedures is correct? I hope my description is clear enough.. I've tried the second procedure but I feel weird.. is it just my imagination?
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