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Circle Feed back

Thank you for your words. They touch me and allows me to start seeing new aspects and questions about my practices:

1.- Feelings that SeiserL shows, appear to me as the next generation of feelings in my DO.

2.- In Deb's words (frustration as a generalize emotion in the learning process)

i can see the weight of cartesian interpretation (subject - object) of knowledge in my (our) dayly life. Appears to me the relation "i got the idea = i can do it" like a Big Shomenushi.

3.- If all the above make sence, then Frustration is part of the training (like Pretoriano says) ... but not because it has to be this way, is because our way to learn contained frustation.

4.- I like Bruce's history about boats, tools, plumbers etc because remains me a lot of what i am experimenting when i can connect with others and feel their particulary styles of movements.

5.- A lot of new questions ...

Thanks again.

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