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How serious are you about learning?

That is the question I would ask.

As a student, not as a teacher, I figured out that I alone was responsible for my own growth and destiny.

I have done the "have faith in sensei and he will impart everything you need to know" mentality. Didn't work for me.

I know study full time at one dojo, where I pay dues and look at the head instructor as my sensei for promotions and over all development.

I also, study with two other aikido dojos when time permits, and a third karate dojo. You can call the others sempai if you may.

Plus, I do a early morning trainng workout on my own.

I decided that it was better for me to stop sitting around for two or three classes a week and take responsibility for my own training in a sense.

I listen attentively in class to the instructor, and ask questions when appropriate and seek individual instruction on things I need help on.

So, I think the student has a big responsibility to make sure the teacher is teaching the right stuff as well!

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