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Not sure I am following your concept or description 100%, I have been studying MA only 10 years now, and 5 years give or take in aikido/medidation etc.

When I first started aikido, I was very, very critical coming from a strong External fighting system. I much like you had a similar experience when I had a 5 dan show me something, I basically trapped him in the corner and proceeded to keep him from moving since I noticed that aikido depended heavily on moving your body...he could not do anything, so he said "hey lets ask sensei..about that time Saotome Sensei came down into the dojo and we should him, well I got the biggest KI lesson in my life, picking myself up off the floor...and had about the same experience you did.

Anyway, for me I spent about 4 years trying to figure out how to control uke. Just in the past several months after a long, long break, and reading much eastern philosophy and medidation I finally started trying to "listen" to Uke and experience his/her energy...that has opened up my training to a whole new dimension. I do have moments now when I can "feel" the energy where it is and where to direct is not metaphysical in the sense of electricity or anything, but it is energy all the same.

The downside to all this is I do get clocked on the head more often while I "listen" but it only hurts my ego, and I do feel I am finally getting somewhere1

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