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Alfonso Adriasola (Alfonso) wrote:
I'd much rather learn from someone who knows what he/she's doing than someone who is healthy and fit and doesn't.
Me too. There is nobody contributing to this thread who disagrees with you on this point, Alfonso.
Ari Fuchs wrote:
I'm just curious (seriously), how might one tell the difference between those naturally fat poeples and the ones who just indulge too much? Are you supposed to ask before you join a dojo?
You cant tell the difference, Ari, and I'm not suggesting you should try. I'm not suggesting you should quiz your sensei about their diet before you agree to grace their class with your presence. Nothing of the sort.

The question wasn't "do you think fitness is ESSENTIAL in a sensei", it wasn't "do you think it is impossible for someone with a disability to be a good teacher", and it wasn't "do you think fitness is more important than skill". None of those questions would lead to a debate because we all agree (I think) that the answers are no, no and an emphatic no.

There is a world of difference between expressing an opinion on what the ideal sensei would be like, and disparaging, disrespecting or otherwise slagging off the teachers who, for whatever reason, dont fit that ideal. Some of us on this thread are doing the former, nobody is doing the latter. I think its unfair to suggest otherwise.

Yes, there are many people who would like to have the 'perfect sensei'. Guess what, nobody has the perfect sensei, and we're all still training. (Including the 83% of us so far who voted 'yes' in this poll so far.)



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