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Talking Focus Energy / Dissipate Energy

Hello all!

Once I asked my sensei how he was able to generate so much strength. Being somewhat diminutive and only weighing 160 or so, I was/am somewhat perplex how he had such control over my person. His first answer was, that besides staying soft/relaxed (which increases muscle effect) and using more of his hips (to say all from his hips would be impossible), that he didn't generate that much strength at all, he simply knew where the force/energy was coming from, he also knew where it wasn't. He would simply move in that direction (like water, always to least resitence.)

Though that is the case, he hadn't quite answered my question. Feeling somewhat unsatisfied, I prodded furthur. Eventually he explained to me that through training one can learn internally either to focus the energy or dissapate the energy. Which is to say, eventually a martial artist may concentrate all of their energy to one single point. Conversely, they should also be able to dissipate an attackers energy to an infinite number of points. Every Aikido technique requires this focusing/dissipating of energy aspect often multiple times.

Focusing our engery to one point makes it all the more effective, whereas dissipating the oncoming energy makes it much eaiser to handle. Could this phenomena be responsible for some of mysteries surrounding "ki"? To watch it is one thing. To feel it is another. Regardless, it plays an intergral part of Aikido training.

Has anyone noticed the focusing/dissipating nature in their Aikido training?

Chad Sieger

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