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Wow, why so angry?! I quoted 'O'-Sensei as saying it takes 10 years to master "the basics", not to master the Art.

I don't think that there is any need for your tone however, I merely disagree with what you are saying, & have not once insulted your viewpoint, or deemed anything said by you as "BS".

I am not politcally correct, if you read my previous posts, you would know this, I would now like to say that maybe you should go into street-fighting
& leave Aikido alone, I would hate to see you trying to railroad your fellow Aikidoka on the mat, maybe you break their arms when they do not comply.

Sorry to have to say this, but I was trying to have a sensible discussion (in particular, I apologise to Jun, who knows I like to participate in discussions, whether I agree with the topic or not).

I quote 'O'-Sensei as he was the founder of the Art (full stop). If you want to disagree with him, this is fine-he was a man, & not a God afterall, I would have quoted Kano re: Judo- this does not make me politically correct, or "mystic".

And yes, you can "grasp" a few Aikido-based moves that could aid you on the street; my still laboured point is that to fully be proficient to deal with any attack through fully understanding Aikido principles is another matter altogether; especially when, as Nacho originally stated, without injuring the aggressor, I would say this takes more skill.

As for 'O'-Sensei turning in his grave, I think that he practiced for himself, & reached self-mastery, through a lifetime's study of Budo, I don't think that he would care, to be honest (hey, that's not politically correct, is it).

I wish you a nice day too.
Maybe one day we can train together....


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