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Re: "51 years of Aikido: how the art has progress" Terry Pierce (7th Dan Ki Society)

Ting Piao wrote: View Post
Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for your input. I have to admit that I don't know much about the popular "Internal Power". My understanding is that it refers to the training of Ki/Chi/Qi/internal energy, no matter how they are described. If that's not the case, I apologize for my ignorance, then I would question why it's called "internal".

Since you have exposed to both, I wonder if you can do me a big favor to make a comparision of the two, the similarity and difference both in forms/training methods and in nature. That would be a good education for me, you can either post here or PM me.

BTW, thanks for the great work for organizing the Aikido Celebration 2011.


Of course there are people who have some of the outer form, but not much of the inner workings (I'm not saying that this is or is not the case here). My general impression would be that Tohei (if we're using him as the example) never went as far down the path that the the people we're usually talking about have, and that his methodology is not nearly as detailed or rational as what they're doing.

Just my opinion...


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