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Re: "51 years of Aikido: how the art has progress" Terry Pierce (7th Dan Ki Society)

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Yes, Yes, and yes...that is where I had the good fortune to take the warm up ukemi! We were worried that they might not make it, so we let Pierce Sense bounce us around just in case they didn't make it. Oh what fun!

(hope to at least drop by the seminar, nursing a bad knee (15 CCs of yellow icky fluid out...healing begins from now! KWATZ!!))

They've talked many times about how much they enjoyed that seminar. They said they met many big shots of Yoshinkan in that seminar, that was almost a Who Is Who of Yoshinkan.

Yeah being bounced is the feeling that I got too from Ki-Aikido. Tohei sensei knows his students are not smart enough, so he taught the simple way, just asked us to remember "up and down".

Hope your knee is getting better. I told my sempais about you, you're very welcome to drop by. If you can't be on the mat with us, you're welcome to watch and hang out with people.


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