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I'm just curious (seriously), how might one tell the difference between those naturally fat poeples and the ones who just indulge too much? Are you supposed to ask before you join a dojo?

And what about those instructers who don't "live" Aikido every moment of their lives? (I'm sure there are some out there )I understand that some of you feel that "everyone" should accept the "Aiki way" in order to make the world a better place, but that just doesn't work for everybody. If someone knows Aikido well, and wants to teach it, who are you to judge him and his lifestyle. It's just none of your darn business what he eats, or does for extracurricular activities. Now if you're really concerned about the persons health, it might be appropriate to express your concerns in private. But they don't have to listen. It's their life.

Now if you don't want to be trained by such a person (and remember, he's just teaching you Aikido, he's not telling you how to eat or live (if he is thats something else)) that's fine. But I think that there are plenty of people out there who just want to learn the martial aspects of Aikido, without changing their lifestyles, who could really learn something from such a person.

Now I agree, there are some people who really want their sensei to be the perfect person (I used to be one of those people). To be someone to be looked up to as a role model. But not everyone is perfect, and we should all accept that.

Just my $.02

PS - no offense to those of you who want the perfect sensei . It's perfectly understandable .
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