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Re: "move your inside"

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
I second that one. Our dojo had a couple of hours with Mark Murry a while back which was very enlightening. I'm not sure that what we were shown can be adequately conveyed in print or by video. You need someone there to help you feel it.
Hi Cherie,

I am curious as to what you (and maybe your dojo mates) thought of what Mark presented as to how it could fit into helping your Aikido training. I am not looking for a critique of what he did since I know Mark and have trained with him on numerous occasions, just interested in how the materiel he presented was received from an Aikidoka's perspective.

In other words, we had a dojocho of a eastern PA dojo reach out to us and has trained IS with us a couple times - I won't speak for him on this (he can do that himself if he likes) but he has commented on how the materiel we presented has changed his Aikido training to some extent and I was curious if the stuff Mark showed has maybe had the same effect in your dojo.


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