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kun/on Reading of 氣 and Tohei


someone cited to me a text of Tohei sensei I don't understand. It is from the german copy of a book "Healing with ki" or something like that.

My translation:

Mostly there are two readings of a kanji: The Chinese one (on) and the Japanese one (kun).
But this is not true for the Kanji 氣. This has got only one reading wich is "ki".
This "ki" ist not a Chinese sound/pronounciation but solely Japanese.
When I look up 氣 , I find two readings:
The kun-reading いき / iki and the on-reading け / ke or き / ki.

So why does Tohei sensei speak of only one existing reading of 氣?
And why does he state き / ki to be the japanese reading, which is given as the on-reading when I look up the kanji?

Where am I going wrong?

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