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Re: George Ledyard - Upcoming Seminars

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Unfortunately Mary and I were able to attend only the Friday night class. Thanks to Marc for hosting the event and to George whose personable teaching style made me feel right at home even when some of his exercises took me decidedly out of my comfort zone. Thirteen people on the mat for Friday night made for lots of personal attention from George which I greatly appreciated.

While I attended the class with the attitude of a total beginner, it was nevertheless evident where our approaches to connection converged and diverged. I left we-do-it-this-way at home and consequently was able to really concentrate on performing the exercises as demonstrated by George.

Thanks again Marc, you have a warm and hospitable space in which to practice and George for your selfless dedication to sharing your knowledge.


Hi Ron,
It was really wonderful that you and Mary took all the trouble to drive all that way just for Friday night. It was a pleasure to have you both in the class. Everyone had a great time working with you both. I look forward to more opportunities to play. Thanks again!

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