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Refering to the title

Errrmmm Cake please...

and if your out of cake then i'll have the salad....
Izzard fans beware...

As for the attacker i'd probebly gokyo him remove his elbow from his socket and then beat the living SH*TE out of him for attacking me in the first place (i'm from the largest council estate in europe dont make me angry you wouldnt like me when i'm angry)

that or if absolutly necessary i'd stick him with it in the gut, twist and remove. he's got between 5 and 30 mins depending on shock, drug abuse etc...

in wythenshawe tho you dont mess about if you think someone has a knife you run like your a$$ is on fire until your in safe surroundings and there's ppl nearby you know or just plain crowds help the main princible, stay alive.


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