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Colleen Annes (ca) wrote:
Oh. Then you also object to those who drink alcohol, smoke (legal and illegal things), have had a sexually transmitted disease, don't wear helmets/seatbelts, eat high cholesterol foods, eat smoked meats, drink coffee/tea (except green tea), eat less than five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, etc.
No, I dont object to such people.

I do think an aikido instructor should eat, drink and indulge in recreational drugs with a certain degree of moderation, because I dont think over indulgence in these things is compatible with diligent budo practice, and I would prefer my instructor to be one who practices budo diligently. This is where we came in, isn't it?

Actually, I will go a little further: I think as far as possible everyone should be in good physical shape, and consequently I think everyone should take these things in moderation.

Is this really an attitude deserving of such a stinging rebuke from a medical doctor?

I'm pretty sure I never mentioned STD's or crash helmets, but just for the record: I dont care if my instructor has had an STD, although if he/she has one currently I'd prefer him/her to seek treatment. I dont personally believe that crash helmets should be compulsory for motorcyclists, but lets not get into the Fred Hill debate here.
That would make sense, I guess, if he must uphold his body as a temple...some would add in extramarital sex and eating meat as violations, but that is more religious than medical, so we should just make sure the senseis just stay away from the things in the first paragraph.
Okay, okay, you're hurting me already.

For the record again: I am not religious and I dont approve of blank theosophical dogma. It so happens I dont eat meat, but I dont expect a sensei to be vegetarian. I have no problem with extramarital sex (except that I can't seem to get any), although I dont generally approve of adultery. (But that last isn't to do with sex, its the deceit and the betrayal of trust that I have a problem with.)
You're right. Everyone is entitled to their own prejudice.
I never said that. There are some kinds of prejudice that nobody is entitled to.
And I don't care that some want a thin sensei, or a male sensei, or a white sensei, as long as they don't say any of those things are NECESSARY for teaching, or they recognise the prejudice for what it is.

My preference for a sensei who looks after herself/himself (I never said 'thin' btw) is morally equivalent to sexism and/or racism?

Now that really hurts.


PS: Aaah! I see now where the sex thing came from, it was my reference to the 7 deadly sins wasn't it? You thought I meant lust! Actually, the quality I think is especially undesirable in an aikido instructor, though not relevant to this thread, is WRATH.

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