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Re: irimi nage spinning

Hey Mark, good to read you as always! Everyone has been so nice with me sticking my nose back into the pot!

I hear you on the "ask Sensei" bit. never hurts to get out side the "Sensei Box" and ask around too. Just so's you know in his house, his way.

Honestly, aikido, internal, blah blah is a THINKING man's game. If you aren't willing to do the mental work to figure things out, OFF and ON the mat, I have a feeling you are rather unusual if you "get" it. So a little out of class research once you reach a certain level has been worth it to spades! I haven't figured it out yet, but the level of understanding and openess does seem to help the overall level grow.

(not training at the moment and for some time now, so just throw this in the bit bucket if it don't float yer boat)

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