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Re: irimi nage spinning

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Oh, during all of this notice where uke's head is relative to his feet, and at what points you feel like you are sinking and at what points *you* feel like *you* are rising will also be good. Remember that if *you* are connected uke sinks with *you*, and rises with *you*. And I dont necessarily mean you excessively bending your knees or jumping in a noticable way.

Best again,
Ron (grrrrr...back to not posting ... sigh)
Hi Ron,

where have you been for so long? this place has missed your gentlemanly presence. Good to see you posting again.

I don't have anything to add to the technical discussion being had, as my question to the OP is always, if you have a technical issue, why not ask your teacher at the time? They can actually see what is needed to change what is happening. How do we know if the OP is describing the issue correctly?

Interesting to see everyones individual take on this exercise though.


Mark (already missing Ron's bracketed by-lines )

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