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Oh. Then you also object to those who drink alcohol, smoke (legal and illegal things), have had a sexually transmitted disease, don't wear helmets/seatbelts, eat high cholesterol foods, eat smoked meats, drink coffee/tea (except green tea), eat less than five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, etc.

That would make sense, I guess, if he must uphold his body as a temple...some would add in extramarital sex and eating meat as violations, but that is more religious than medical, so we should just make sure the senseis just stay away from the things in the first paragraph.

You're right. Everyone is entitled to their own prejudice. And I don't care that some want a thin sensei, or a male sensei, or a white sensei, as long as they don't say any of those things are NECESSARY for teaching, or they recognise the prejudice for what it is.
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