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Colleen Annes (ca) wrote:
As for your opinion on obesity, does it apply to those whose use of medication, or underlying health conditions result in obesity? Well, you say, that is not their 'fault' and so OK? That's like those who say abortion is wrong unless it follows rape.
Your analagy seems rather harsh, but then maybe it was foolish of me to introduce the concept of 'fault'. I certainly do not attach blame to an unwanted pregnancy as you imply I might, but I accept your point that its also wrong of me to attach blame to, say, the ill effects of gluttony and/or sloth.

However, I am not trying to pass judgement over someone whose state of ill-health I regard as self-inflicted. (I can see why you might be sensitive to such an attitude; it would certainly be unethical for a doctor to adopt such an attitude towards a patient.)

Rather I am deciding to what degree I want to accept that person as an exemplar of what I feel an aikidoka should be like. That is my decision to make, and it has consequences entirely for myself, so forgive me if I dont think the same ethical constraints apply.

Of course I accept that I dont need an instructor to be super-fit (or even entirely able-bodied) in order to learn from them.

It is my prejudice that I would prefer an aikido instructor who doesn't just teach, but also practices aikido. Furthermore, I would prefer my instructor to be one who takes budo seriously, and practices diligently.

Since I do believe the old cliche that 'the body is the temple of the spirit', I dont think certain life choices are compatible with diligent budo practice (specifically I'm talking about gluttony and sloth here, but I guess you could include certain other deadly sins too) and that is why I prefer my instructor not to be a couch potato.

Is it correct that 'sensei' literally means 'one who has gone before'? If that is the case, I make no apology for preferring a sensei in whose footsteps I would wish to follow.


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