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Question irimi nage spinning

hi all, here's a question of form; keep in mind this is for a relative beginner (2nd kyu) so I'd rather have some steps to try out than a general "aikido has no form!" answer.

Let's say you're doing irimi nage from shomen uchi. You have completed the initial irimi tenkan and have brought uke in. At this point if they are standing up you could step through with the leg closest to them and complete the throw. However if they are not standing up or have brought a lot of energy, you want to keep turning.

This is the point where things tend to get messy for me. I can pivot on my feet to gain another 180 degrees of rotation but beyond that i'm lost. Stepping forward with the now back foot seems impossible because uke is generally stumbling around in your way, and stepping back with your now front foot is means tugging them ungracefully back off the natural axis of rotation.

How do you continue the irimi nage rotation past the initial irimi tenkan? In summary the steps I'm using are
1. irimi tenkan
2. pivot 180
3. ???

how do you recommend continuing and how do you manage the axis of rotation in your irimi nage?
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