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Re: Reflecting on a seminar, Ikeda Shihan at Aikido of Tamalpais

Hi Janet, I hope you can feel that you are doing right by Fillman Sensei by pushing onward on the path. She was there to inspire you before, and now your progress and happiness brings honor to her memory, right?

Thanks for the review, I was really hoping to read something like that, having missed it and all.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
... even smaller so there was no visible external movement....just an inability from his (at times quite uncooperative) ukes to maintain their structural integrity.
Could you elaborate on the uncooperativeness? Were there any non-aikidoka being used as ukes? (they would have less investment, or dare I say ukemi-brainwashing)
Always interested to hear to what degree Ikeda Sensei's minimal-movement kuzushi stands up to people who are really trying to not get their balance taken.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
His instructions and explanations were often couched in humor but were jargon-free and totally accessible.
Do you feel that this statement is generally true, or was it because you had experience in the silk reeling stuff? I was wondering if folks would need time with an "internalist" like Mike or Dan, or with someone experienced in Ikeda's practices like George Ledyard, to really follow these seminars.
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