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Brian H
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Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
Well, I didn't say that my life is worth more, but really that question should be applied to the attacker not to me as in this situation it is the attacker who has decided that my life is worth nothing, I just wouldn't agree.


Do you really think that if someone chooses to kill someone, the victim should be willing to give his life rather than fight back and risk the attacker's?
Lets say you are like a sister. She has told me that she would rather be raped or die, then kill another person. (She doesn't get to babysit often).

I don't agree and as a policeman, I can carry a gun almost anyplace. It is a very good bet that in the described scenario, I would be armed.

My first point: Even if you are armed (my home state of Virginia issues handgun carry permits to any law-abiding person over 21 - $50 for 5 years) The attack may be so sudden that your only option is to move to avoid injury (irimi!). I like Aikido because of the premise that you must move to a safe place and unbalance uke. In that safe place you have the freedom to do a technique or use atemi (including, if necessary, a knife or a gun) Ian's story is a good example of continuously moving to a safe place. (I would say that the Badguy found out he had brown pants before Ian found his safe place though)

My second point is: Lets say you take the "moral high ground" and give yourself to your attacker rather than use "lethal force" (I say that because I don't presume that I have a "touch of death", having seen people not be killed by multiple gunshot wounds and even a guy crawl out from under a bus and walk away.)

If you fail to stop the attacker, are you partially responsible for the harm suffered by the attackers next victim?

The passengers of Flight 93 made a choice to take on their hijackers. Had they been successful, they might have gotten that plane down safely (there was at least one pilot among the passengers). However, even in failing to save their own lives, they saved the lives of those people at the hijackers target. For that they will always be heroes.

Is my wallet worth a life? NO, but if you are threatening my life, fear any opening you give me.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing
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