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"(As a tangent, I do believe that O-sensei thought that by practicing aiki in a technical sense, one would begin

to practice its moral analog. However, I do not think

that one must practice that analog, or even agree with

someone else on what it is, to be doing aikido.)"

so are you saying you believe O Sensei had as a goal of Aikido the development of this moral viewpoint, that we would eventually reach this moral practice of his art, but that goal is not actually part of Aikido?

I have no issues with those who see this just as a physical form of exercise/self defense/whatever, as long as they have no issues with what I get out of it. But they usually deny the moral aspect as ever being in the design. You seem to be saying it was meant by O Sensei to be there, but it's not really a vital part.

As for the kicking uke in the middle of kotegashi, it sounds like it was demonstrated do do the kick rather than finish the kotegaeshi throw you already had? But not to show uke his vulnerability and the reason to take the fall, but rather immobilizing uke with the wrist lock so you could kick him in the chest? So you give up the certain technique in order to stand on one foot and kick an immobilized uke in the chest? Not sure I see the point in it, but I don't see the point in those who demo kicking uke after you've pinned him, either.
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