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Re: Suburi bokken

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
hey! it's not the size, ok! although, ladies who told me that tend to giggle a bit.

although, if you can stand there and hold that thing out for 30 minutes at a time, then do suburi reallllllllyyyyy sloooooowwww. it's worth more that way than swinging really heavy stick.

remind me of a story. a number of years back, i went to a seminar taught by Andy Sato sensei (AWA). we were doing jo pair kata. i was working with a partner. at the end of my tsuki, i hold the jo in chudan position in front of me. Sato sensei walked by, looked at me and said,

"Phi San! why are you hold your stick like you holding your dick?"

i thought my partner was going to hurt himself from holding back the laughter.
Wishful thinking?......
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