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Re: dirty uniform


in my dojo no one cares who wears make up, who stinks and who has long finger- or toenails. If a gi gets smeared, you can wash it, can't you? Most people do that anyway after class, so where is the problem? And if we don't stink sweaty at the beginning of the training, we sure do at the end - so where's the point?

But I remember when training in Azerbaidjan, I had my usual make-up, and before training a woman came with some mirror and a make-up box and said something in Russian. I didn't understand anything; I thought maybe my make-up was out of order and she gave that to fix it again. So I put some more colour on...and that was exactly the wrong thing. She said something more in Russian which I still didn't understand, and afterwards another woman came and explained I was supposed to take the make-up OFF. So I did, but until reading this thread I still hadn't understood why; I kept thinking that taking off make-up was maybe an Azeri aikido ritual.

However, I think there is no point in getting offended, neither by someone's make-up on your kimono nor by someone telling you to take off your make-up (or to cut your nails, to take off your gold chain, to wash your feet or whatever).

Have a nice day!

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