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Re: Is there a 'Ki Aikido' technique book?

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
I recently read an interview with Koichi Tohei, and aside from being surprised at what he said his style of aikido is, he said that he only kept about 30% of Morihei Ueshiba's aikido techniques, creating the rest himself.
This being so, i'm very much intrigued, and would like to see them, so does anybody know if there's a 'Ki Aikido' technique book?

Much obliged.
I got a book from Ki No Kenkyukai in Japan written by Tohei Sensei himself entitled The Way to Union with Ki, Aikido with Mind and Body Coordinated. it is so far the most complete of his works and touches on everything else he has mentioned in his other books that are available publicly. However this book also illustrates in great detail the techniques of Ki Aikido including Jo and Bokken katas as Tohei Sensei himself would teach it. Unfortunately, it is not for sale to the general public. I have been told that there are only 200 copies in english available worldwide.
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