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Cristian Gomez (Cristian) wrote:
¿The learning process could be accelerated?

I understand that practicing is the only way to learn, but sometimes i guet grap by ansiety when my movements doesn't work.

To avoid suffering, i set up the porpouse of not doing things right, and being present in the dojo like in the meditation that has no other porpouse that being present ... and have fun by the act of training.

¿What do you think about this? ¿How have you deal with frustration?
Deal with your frustration by doing meditation and breathing exercises. It not only teaches you how to relax properly, but also points you in the direction of mind/body coordination, which will help greatly in your techniques.

When you get anxious, observe your breathing and relax by changing it to slow, deep breaths.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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