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Re: Footwork differences between styles

In my post I quoted "Jacob" but actually meant Peter (from Stockholm Aikidoklubb) - sorry for my senior moment there :-)

Daren: good point about the feeling of focusing energy via the stance. I feel a clear focus of energy from my center to uke's center when the foot is pointing forward. It seems less focused when the front foot is pointing at an angle.

Alejandro: I hadn't heard the term "kenkagoshi" before. It was never used in Iwama - but I understand the term by its roots - kenka and koshi! I understand that in some places the slightly forward leaning stance is considered aggressive (and thereby non-aikido-like?). To me this stance just feels energized. Saito Sensei was always in a stance where he was slightly forward but always in a position where he could move in any direction directly from that position - energized and mobile.
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