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Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
This is really confusing, it seems most people are saying that as long as it is done with the right spirit any technique could be considered an aikido technique. . . . If the philosophy behind the movement is the determining factor in what makes something an aikido technique, then does that mean that my karate instuctors could have called their art aikido, as the spirit, the philosophy, is the same?
Well, I can only elaborate my own opinion.

What makes a technique aikido isn't whether it is on the syllabus of an aikido dojo or organization, or even whether O-sensei taught it. What makes it aikido is whether it relies on the principle of aiki: blending, no direct force on force, etc. That does not include a moral component. Bad people can use aikido to do bad things for bad reasons and it's still aikido.

So, just because you learned it in a karate dojo and not an aikido one doesn't make it not aikido. There's nothing inherently "un-aikido-like" about punching, kicking, kneeing. As I mentioned upthread, Saotome s. had us practice kicking people in the chest to make that point.

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