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Re: On Koryu

Koryu is experience. That means as with any martial art that you have to meet those who have recieved the teaching of the old school (koryu).
As any martial art is a set of knowledge in the martial field, koryu is the knowledge that has been transmitted with the concern of not forgetting, not changing, not witholding the experience of its founder.
Modern martial arts have many different concerns in respect with the interest of each teacher.
Koryu is about transmitting the experience of its founder and his successors.
To a question of Jose Carmona: " What is the difference between your art and other martial arts?", Imai soke of Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu answered: "None."
When I told this story to Ikeda sensei, Ikeda sensei showed the glasses, mugs, bottles on the table and said:" Different contenants, same substance."
So if you have not a better answer and if you trully want to kow the answer, then go and practice a koryu sincerely. Practicing any martial art or koryu without sincerety is worthless.

As for criticism, I try not to go into it as it gives me no help in progressing in martial arts.

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