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Re: How to Leave a Dojo?

I admit, part of why I worry when I read a post like your's is, I work with low income folks. For all the stories one hears about "people who feel entitled" there are overwhelmingly more people who are too embarrassed, feel like they have in some way messed up, or just plain feel isolated in their happenstances.
Living in a small town in a rural area, it's abundantly clear to one and all that we are all in precarious economic straits and the only solution really is to frame it as a community issue, be willing to talk about it, to share some of the bad feelings....
I guess my point in this ramble is, please be willing to look at the issue and talk to your teacher, both because 1. he is truly on many levels just another person 2. He probably doesn't want to lose you but for your sake even more important 3. hopefully you will not have to ask for support or help from others for even more basic needs in the future, but if it comes to that, it's important for you to be able to do it with your dignity and self-respect intact.
best of luck

Janet Rosen
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