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Chuck Clark
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Hello Peter,

I'm enjoying your participation here as usual, welcome back.

I think your post shows the willingness to be open and discuss publicly what used to be taboo that I mentioned in my last post. It will most likely be uncomfortable for some for awhile, but it will be positive in the long run, I'm sure.

Your bit about how you felt about the violence and injuries in training brought back memories for me. When I was a teenager, I can remember not feeling like I was training properly unless I had "battle scars" all of the time. Some of this, as you say, comes from strong training, but lots of it also came from training partners that, I suspect, enjoyed "making an impression on you" and leaving their mark. For a long time I looked forward to engaging in the battle, but at some point about 15 years ago I lost that. (I think being involved in the Viet Nam war for 6 years had something to do with it.)

I want to TRAIN with people that practice mutual respect and welfare. I hope to never have to engage in encounters again where people are hurting each other either knowingly or through disregard for the other's welfare. If necessary, I will, but not on an ongoing basis in training.

Thanks again for your lengthy and interesting posts. I know that it takes lots of your time. I think your participation on these forums is important.


Chuck Clark
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