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Re: Aikido, Martial Arts & Sparring

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still trying to figure out what this sparring in aikido involved. i came from kick boxing (the full contact type, not the spandex health type) and judo background. sparring usually involved bruises and blood letting. my sparring purpose is to bury the other buggers 6 feet under. so i am wondering what sparring would be in aikido.

if you look at this article on statistics of judo winning judo techniques (a bit dated but should still relevant) . based on the statistics, i could just learn the top 5 techniques and could win 80% of the time. would that still be doing judo? should i do the same with aikido, just learn a few techniques?
Being really good at half a dozen is far better than being at best mediocre in 100..... Every technique differs from one to another and one picks those they know they are exceptionally good at, plus any combinations/counters within those half dozen or so....
Having a good knowledge at the rest has some learning in how you can improve those waza to suit you and you choose to be your best.... It's how I found it to be....
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