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Bruce Baker
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Options not to kill.

Don't mistake my reference to pressure points as the magical art of touching.

Every technique in any martial art that creates pain, involuntary movement, or numbness of the result of activating a pressure point. Sometimes they are near blood vessels and sometimes they are not.

Aikido's best techniques use them. If you look, they are able to be used in other techniques that do not.

What many people do not see is that each technique of Aikido have variable choices to activate pressure points either in the grasp, rub, or strike as you perform the technique or variation ... thereby giving you the option to disable without killing.

Or at least increase the odds not killing your attacker. A more precise educated technique than the brawl method ... as if you were using a two by four to hit them with?

Think back to your first lessons, and how you have changed from the clumsy, fumbling beginner? Let us continue on that path, and let education temper our practice, and self defense where it really counts ... in a real life threatening situation.

At least we will have done our best should the worst of circumstances occur, and the specter of death come into your life. All of life ends in death, but then we do hope for recycling of our body and our spirit, don't we?
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