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Originally posted by bgkarma
I was wondering if someone could say something about meditation. So far it hasn't really been mentioned in my classes, and I'm curious to know if this is something I have to look forward to.
I do not do much meditation in class. I feel that there is a limited amount of time each week that people have access to the mat and partners. So I purposely do not spend clas time on something that they can do on their own at home. There are many volumes on how to meditate and if the person is interested in really getting deep into meditation, they are best off finding a really qualified meditation master and working with him or her.

That said, I think that having some sort of internal practice that augemnts the work you do on the mat can be a very important part of your practice. I have licky to be able to host William Gleason sensei each year at my school and aside from the depth of his Aikido practice (he trained in Japan with Yamaguchi Sensei) I find that the active Zen practice which he maintains makes his insights into the spiritual side of the art something much deeper than just academic.

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