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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Aikido, Martial Arts & Sparring

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A few questions to get us started:

1. Is aikido a martial art?
Depends on the definiton of "martial art". But it looks aikido is a martial art.

2. If aikido is a martial art, why would it lack a sparring practice?
Can/should any of these reasons be overcome?
A martial art can lack sparring practise for various motives: practitioners safety, avoiding to develop competitive feelings amongst the members of the team, avoiding focusing in techniques and tactics that only make sense in sparring, maintaining the status quo, etc.
Some of them could be solved, but maybe shouldn't.

3. Assuming you will not be entering combat, can you realistically expect to reach the upper echelons of a martial art without sparring?
If possible, what does this process entail?
Lots of drilling and realistic scenario training.

4. What does sparring look like in aikido?
How is it different from jiyuwaza?
What would be the ideal aikido sparring practice?
Depends on the school.
Depens on the school.
Vale Tudo with weapons.

5. Is the presence of/reliance on weapons a factor in any of the above questions?
IMO, yes.
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