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Re: Aikido Jokes

Oh no, Cherie just reminded me with her story that New York is famous for Jewish food, (and Chinese, Cuban-Chinese, Puerto Rican --- in the old days when I was training, and now I'm sure Thai, Indian etc. etc.)

Well, after one p.m. class people might be looking for some place to eat.... One time someone took me to Nathan's, I think it was down on 14th st. and explained what the many side dishes were that were Jewish specialties.

There was a can of varnish near the desk at the dojo many weeks later and the same kind person who had taken me to Nathan's was asking what that was doing there....

I couldn't help myself, I just had to answer:

"To make Kasha Varnishkas!"

For those unfamiliar, that's buckwheat groats (look a little like wheatena but harmless for people allergic to wheat) with little bow tie pasta (usually made with wheat)

Anyway, great story Cherie!
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