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No what you are trying to say...and yes there is some validity to it. Vasovagal reaction is the most common reason for unconsciousness (fainting) simply isn't enough blood going to the brain. A good pop to the carotid can cause it to spasm causing someone to go unconscious.

However, when you get neural blockers, andrenalin, and other stuff going, it may or may not work.

There are nerve centers and pressure points throughout the body, and yes, a strike to them can cause the body to shut down. I am familiar with most of them, and I can tell you that I have not met anyone yet that is even an expert that will rely on them 100%. it is simply not foolproof.

Balance and center is 100% foolproof. That has been demonstrated to me many, many times. I don't care who you are, if you take someone's balance, you take their balance period. don't need to rely on their body chemistry, pressure points, or other factors of internal wiring that may vary from person to person and circumstance to circumstance.

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