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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Thanks for the video! If more people had the courage to put up some video we'd get farther!!

From what I understand of the IP community, you can't see IP on video, so I don't know how anyone can criticize what you are doing, for all they know your IP could be on blast, how could they see it...

Funny to me how every time seeing something comes up, and I or someone else asks "show me", the answer is well IHTBF (it has to be felt). Yet when someone posts something of their own free will, all the critics show up to say how they can tell you're not doing it right...

As far as Ikeda, and instant kazushi goes, we know for a fact the he can do it quite well with uke. He does it great! I'm impressed. However we don't know anything about his ability to do it with a stranger who intends him harm, or at least embarrassment. When we go into an Aikido dojo, we plan to play by the rules, that's just what we do, and that's the way it's suppose to be. Outside of this, we are all just speculators, even those of us who know the practice well.

As for your video, do you do this stuff like Ikeda, no way. But he's been doing it for a LONG time, so you're probably on the right track, if that's what you're interested in, keep doing it, and you'll probably look just like him in 20-30 years. If your interested in martial use of this skill, you need to start practicing with your partner in a sparring session. Your fundamentals are there, so why not start sparring? If you're not interested in this, I think you're on the right path.

Again thanks for the video, and your eagerness to discuss what you put up. I think you did a find job.
Hi Chris,

I can see both IP, IP/Aikido, and the quality thereof in video. I don't believe the IHTBF line is true at all. Ikeda said during the seminar what he was doing was easy, and I agree with him. It doesn't take much training to do well what he's demonstrating with trained cooperative ukes. Unlike your uncertainty, I can also see Ikeda's Aikido is excellent and there's no question in my mind of his martial efficacy outside of an Aikido environment. At another seminar I went to several years ago Saotome showed a version of this kazushi which shared the implicit lines of a super condensed tai-no-henko. I picked it up immediately, and I had less than eight months of Aikido training at the time. If people put the effort in demystifying Aikido then this idea that it takes 30 years to learn the basics will disappear as it should. O Sensei said he was just beginning to explore Aikido and people thought he was being modest!

Sparring, fighting, and resistance does not exist in Aikido!

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