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Re: static vs. dynamic waza

Seng-Yew Ong wrote: View Post
but rather than whinging and wasting my training opportunity, i've been trying to shift my mentality about static training.

i'd really appreciate getting some viewpoints and ideas about the differences between static and dynamic waza, the benefits of each, and maybe tips of how to maximise the learning from both.

my own viewpoint is that both are valuable aspects of aikido training. I have had periods when I felt that the static training was getting in the way of 'the good stuff' which at the time I thought the dynamic training was.

This viewpoint has changed over a number of years of teaching. Now I feel that the dynamic waza is 'too easy' in that you already have the momentum of uke to play with, keeping them going isn't really a challenge.

Static training allows for much more in depth understanding of how mind body connection works, you can work at a pace that allows you to explore where tensions are arising, where your mind is, how the two are or are not working together.

So for me, the static waza is where all the good stuff is learnt and the dynamic waza is where all the fun is had



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