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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Hi Chris, I can see what you mean about the video critiques. I think they are being a bit more rational than the way you painted it though. I think these 2 things should be visible in any video:
1. Things that are wrong for sure.
2. Things that could be right.
So you can see, it is not definitive, except in the negative direction! I honestly think this is what is happening with video critiques. So I don't think people are being quite as unfair as you say, but yeah, it is not possible for things to be clear-cut.

This party I am completely unsure of:
Chris Hein wrote: View Post
you need to start practicing with your partner in a sparring session. Your fundamentals are there,
That's what I am worried about: I may in fact be several years from the fundamentals being there! I will not really spar until the fundamentals are there. Anyway I will keep working, and the more success I have the more I will be encouraged to spar. I have sparse success, so I don't want to spar yet. My reasoning: I am not trying to develop "whatever works in sparring practice." I am trying to develop "one particular method, which would work in sparring practice once developed." So you can see that sparring to early would take me down the former road, whereas waiting till a certain threshold of skill level (and body development level) would take me down the latter.

I see what you mean. Funny thing, when I work by myself, the arms NEVER move on their own. But here I put an uke on the end of my arm, and he started dragging my arm around! I don't resist. Maybe I am just not ready or not good at partner practice. It is one possibility. I'll look at the video again, though if you have any specific times I should look at, that could help. Or show me with your own video, even better.
I agree I should not be having arm motion in general. Even if the uke is generating the motive force, that should be handled by me, thus he doesn't get to move my arm around freely.
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