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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
I can probably get something for you early next week. It may not be instant though, I have to look for it , but i'm still a noob so that's ok. It's the connection that I have to find , depending on how hard the person wants to grab, but once I have it, the kuzushi part is fairly easy and doesn't require outward movement from me.
Then you're probably going to beat me to it. I had the intention to post basically the same thing.

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
In this thread there are potentially examples of both types, but no one is explicitly giving the critiques of "yay" or "nay."
Well, I'd say "nay", but it feels cheap to say that without explaining why, which won't work without a video, for which I don't have a partner, so...

Here's what I think one should be able to do if you want to replicate what Ikeda is doing: have someone push on your chest and without overt movement unbalance the person pushing you. One of the major telltales is that the pusher feels no difference in pressure or force at the point of contact. The reason for this is that you're not pushing at the point of contact, you're pushing at the pusher's center. Hence the need for connecting with it.
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