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Re: "move your inside"

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I think Ikeda is doing great for his body. But beginners with less developed bodies should work within their means. So for a beginner to do the right thing, it looks a bit different from Ikeda-- because there are so few "right things" to do for an undeveloped body. My "change insides" might not include some of the things that Ikeda's "change insides" encompasses.
for beginner, there is no such thing as doing the "right thing". assumption of all you doing are wrong would be a good place to start. if beginner can do a few things, then do a few things, but work on doing it well, don't try to compete with experts.

some thought for you. there are hundreds (maybe thousands, don't have the roster) of aikidoka in ASU, yet, very few can do half the stuffs that Ikeda could. they have been doing what you suggested, worked with what they have and tried to do the stuffs that Ikeda sensei did. not many focus on building the body. it's like trying to build the foundation underneath of an erected house.
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