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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Hi Phi, I agree with what you are saying about connection going deeper. That's irimi, right? What I am working on here is a little tool for good results that does not depend on complete irimi. Maybe that's not aikido. But I felt that Ikeda was using this trick, see :16, :19 and :40 in the Ikeda vid. I consider this trick to be a type of atemi.
It could be that I am right that Ikeda is using this 'atemi' in his vid, but always in combination with good, complete irimi. Thus you see him doing something different than me, while I see him doing what I am doing PLUS a lot more.

Also, training vs learning-- of course this is learning too. But it is "testing" which is a part of learning. If you are satisfied with the types of tests you do in learning, then that means you think the learning is working, so you can go on to what you called "training." Not there yet (I didn't tell my friend to punch me in the face if he could).
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