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chaos pretzel

Hi Bob, I forgot to reply to the clips you posted. Those both address non-buckling kuzushi. I have played with that a little and it is interesting. (By non-buckling kuzushi I mean the uke is no longer stable where he is currently standing, but he is not twisted into a pretzel of chaos.) That kind of work is also a study in entry or irimi I think, which is necessary (more important than buckling) but not immediately fruitful for me!

I know that has to become useful, so it is worth working on. But here's my problem from the few weeks before I did this buckling video. If a smart uke is not stable in a certain spot, he can just move his feet (step, shuffle, etc) and get a lot of stability back. So I end up chasing him around. I want to bring down to the ground or throw--both involve more of a collapse than a tipping-action.. hence my obsession with buckling. Plus, the buckling actually makes it difficult for him to move, because his feet are squashed down to the ground. So he feels unstable where he is standing, but it is not trivial to move to a new spot and renew the attack. Any thoughts?
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