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Re: Aikido Celebration 2011 - Feb 18-21, 2011 in Hawaii

A couple of thing that helped us work together:

1) We were careful to avoid any kind of individual branding or use of the AC 2011 branding for individual (ie dojo) use.

2) Everything was strictly non-profit. Doshu warned us not to try and profit from his visit, and not-profiting meant that there was nothing to fight over. Any remaining funds (there may be a small amount, we're still sorting things out) will be donated to charity.

3) We formed a legal entity and had a professional (one of our members, luckily) help us draft a formal set of bylaws that clearly defined how decisions were to be made.

4) The more people got on board the easier it was to get the rest.

There were still plenty of bumps, some small and some not so small, but at least we made it through!



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