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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Hi Jon, thanks. I fully expect to not duplicate what he does right away. In fact I have been working a while on some things that should affect my performance, and I still only expect to be able to duplicate a specific component at this time.

At any rate I am trying to see if people think what I am doing is totally separate from what he does, vs being a step in the same direction.

I agree with all the words you said.. words are funny though, that's why I posted the vid. So, if I say I agree with your description of Ikeda's method, what do you think upon seeing my vid? Would you say no, I am not actually doing any subset of what he does, or would you say this is a genuine part of his kuzushi method. I am certainly trying to do "No fancy wrist twists, no flashing hand turns, no muscling, etc"

I actually think the part that you describe before contact MUST be learned by doing what I am doing in the video.. what I learn there, I should be able to start to apply before contact, as a next step.
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