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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Hi guys, thanks. Rudimentary is right, I am trying to break down and address the component pieces of what goes into things like the :37 and :39 moments in Ikeda's video.
I haven't felt Ikeda yet so Michael, your doubts are valuable to hear. Others here have also reported the opposite, ie what happens when he demonstrates his ability to turn it up a notch from what is done in his aikido seminars. So it is good to hear both stories.

My exercise is mostly what is noted in the description of the video. I want to (from the grab itself, not using additional things like moving to the side or striking, or doing slow things to the grab like turning it into a nikkyo in place) degrade uke's posture/balance from the contact given by the grab. I want to have something that can be used without a delay, so, working toward immediate effects.
I want all of my aikido techniques to work as maintenance and intensification of this initial kuzushi-- that's why this exercise is so important to me.

Notes on resistance: the "high resistance" portion is very strong. In terms of being able to affect a body that doesn't want to let you, this was GREAT practice. (This is what kihon is afaik) MY strategy is, first be able to do things when they are too strong to just let you, then learn to deal with them quickly changing up things, to maintain their advantage. Those are 2 different weapons that an attacker can use.
Notes on my strategy: I copied what I saw in the Ikeda vid. The things like "unity" and "change insides" are what I am trying to do, but what do you do with those things? Instead of just pushing or pulling uke with that methodology, here I am buckling him at the waist (through the elbow). That is what I am feeling, and trying. I think this is a point where my "ki development" is not far enough along to allow me a nice, easy control of center without this atemi-like buckling. We shall see, because I know what I want and I will keep trying.
Partner is (depending on resistance level noted) resisting all changes to position. Meaning, if he feels me move inward he will push, vice versa. Basically, he provides his own restoring force back toward good/undisturbed posture. He does this with great vigor during high resistance. What I do is never just pushing or just pulling-- both tensile and compressive forces (hopefully adaptive forces) are always being applied to him, to allow be to buckle him at the waist using his elbow.
Does that make sense?
Erick Mead- I know, it's shear. But then so is simple bending your elbow in and out using biceps and triceps, right?
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