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Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Video seems to be a good way to start discussions here on:
-what we are doing
-how we are doing it
-what we want to be doing
-what we do NOT want to be doing

So I made a video of something I've been thinking about. It is a work in progress and has a ways to go, and I have learned a lot just from watching this vid.. so although I think in some ways it is pretty weak, I think the video still has enough to discuss.

This idea is based on a few things. Primarily, this Ikeda Shihan video resonates with something I am thinking about: kuzushi on contact. Several times (especially 0:37 and 0:40) he shows that the uke's grab actually triggers kuzushi in the uke. There is no getting off the line, no punch in the teeth, no tricky wrist locks. Just force through the body. I'm excited about this.

Some more background--the following discussion points on aikiweb are what got me thinking.
Dan said:
Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Completely neutralizing a wrist grab requires no physical shifting of body mass at all and they do all the work.
Chris said:
Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Athletes can do everything on your list as well or better than any internal person.
(in response to: "3) Can take your balance on contact without any overt movement as they are already under your center of mass. They then manipulate you wherever they want. If it is a strike you loose your balance on contact.")
Phi said:
... you know, I just can't remember what he said that kicked off this whole post. I searched his posts but I just got a bunch of jokes. Sorry Phi!
At the time these things were said, I was thinking about Ikeda and kuzushi-on-contact.

So I thought these might be good for discussion:

1. in my video, do you think I am heading in the direction of what Ikeda does several times in that video?

2. Do you have a different take than I do, regarding getting kuzushi upon being grabbed? And is that different way more, or less like Ikeda than what I am doing?
(supply video for enhanced quality of discussion)

3. Any other thoughts on the content of my video?

My vid. Password is copyikeda.
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